We put
our money
where our mouth is.

Choose the commission structure that firts your buisness model among many avilable structures.

  • Sign up with Winwin affiliation and earn 50% of the income generated by your traffic for the first three month of our partnership.
  • After that you will enjoy between 25% and 45% commission, depending on the volume and quality of traffic you refer to us. For as long as your players generate income, you too will generate income.
  • Earn fixed amount instantly for every depositing player you refer to our brands. The amount will be dependent on the volume and quality of your trafic, to guarantee a win/win partner
  • We offer a combination of a CPA and revenue share to those interested in an inmadiate fixed fee and long term residual income.
  • We are open to suggestions and are willing to discuss any idea you may have.
    To discuss your Winwin commission structure, contact us at: [email protected]